Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Orleans Brass Band Parade in Berkeley

Treme Brass Band sketches, ink & watercolor
Sketching the Treme Brass Band parade in Berkeley
To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Arhoolie Records held a "second line parade" led by the New Orleans-based Tremè Brass Band. The parade started with a concert at Berkeley's Civic Center Park. You can see and hear the band (and me trying to sketch them, looking like a bobble-head doll as I look up at the band and down at my sketchbook. I'm at top right of the screen, starting around 30 seconds in, wearing bright green.)

Then we danced (and sketched) along behind the band to the Berkeley BART station, with many people twirling handkerchiefs or parasols in the air as is the tradition in second line parades.
Playing by the BART station
Treme playing by the BART station
From there we marched and danced along...
Gathering at Freight and Salvage

Until the parade ended at Freight & Salvage on Addison Street with another brief concert.

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