Sunday, January 22, 2012

The 34th World Wide Sketchcrawl in Healdsburg

 Yesterday marked the 34th World Wide Sketchcrawl, an event that happens about every other month. What is Sketchcrawl, you ask? In 2006, Pixar artist Enrico Casarosa started the group in San Francisco, with the idea that artists worldwide might spend a Sketchcrawl day in kind of a pubcrawl like fashion, only sketching rather than drinking. Artists gather at a designated location, then go off in the direction of their choice to sketch what interests them. After a few hours, each member of the group returns to the meeting place to share their sketches with the other artists.
At 10am last Saturday, about a dozen sketch artists met at the Gazebo in Healdsburg’s plaza. We then scattered around town to sketch. My first drawing was of the northeast corner of the Plaza, where the day workers congregate in hopes of finding work. But it wasn’t long before scattered showers and cold weather pushed me indoors. My sketch friend Phil and I decided to head over to Moustache, a cupcake and coffee shop, for Double Barrel Americano coffees and cupcakes. Delicious!
Two hours passed in the blink of an eye and we hurried back to the Gazebo to re-congregate with the group. Mingling once again, this time we shared our mornings’ sketches. I thoroughly enjoyed this event, despite the fickle weather, made some new friends, and delighted in seeing other artists work.


  1. So bright and cheery pictures on what was a gloomy gray day here. So glad at least one of us SF USK bloggers got to join in a sketchcrawl and post it here! Thanks.

  2. Thanks Jana! We had a a fair amount of rain here in Healdsburg that day too so I only spend about 15 minutes on my first sketch before moving indoors. But the cupcakes were worth it! Hope we can all get outside with better weather next Sketchcrawl!


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