Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lake Merritt in Oakland

We sketched at the Lake Chalet on a summer evening. Beautiful weather, live jazz and the rowwing club right next door.

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  1. Hello All!
    Your sketches  and work are awesome. Congratulation, you also have a beautiful blog.  
    I am very interested to join a group to sketch in my area.
    I am a teacher, I teach Spanish and Visual Arts in a Middle School in Fremont, CA.
    For five years I am taking art classes in several bay area colleges.
    I am really wish to start to go outside and sketch with you.
    Please, let me know how to join. I have to pay any fees? Do you sketch in the same place on Tuesdays? Where will be your next date an place next weekend?
    Thank you very  much for you info,


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