Sunday, September 16, 2012

San Francisco Opera at the Ballpark

Rigoletto: SF Opera at the Ballpark, 5x8", drawn in ink with watercolor (and a bit of digital paint) added later. NOTE: Flags are at half mast for slain diplomats. Also, appalled by all the corporate advertising, I replaced their signs in my sketch.
Cathy, Sonia and I went on a sketching adventure to the S.F. Giant's ballpark for the simulcast of the San Francisco Opera's production of Rigoletto. At this annual tradition 30,000 people attend the opera for free and picnic on the field or feast on hot dogs, beer and garlic fries in the stands.

Rigoletto on the screen surrounded by huge ads
The performance started, just like at baseball games, with the National Anthem, sung by a superb male chorus in baseball shirts. The sound system was fantastic, maybe even better than being at the opera house.

Singing National Anthem on the field
It gets cold in San Francisco in the summer and even colder at night so this vendor was having a good night selling hot cocoa from a tank on his back.
Cocoa vendor
Cathy and Sonia did some fabulous sketches, which should appear here above very soon. And I wrote more about the evening and my adventures at the park on my blog,

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