Thursday, February 21, 2013

Poultry and Pork on the Hook at 99 Ranch Market

Fish at 99 Ranch and Shop Girl at Ten Ren's Tea Time
We made our annual pre-Chinese New Year sketching visit to 99 Ranch Market and the Pacific East Mall with some new sketchers who joined us for our monthly Urban Sketchers First Tuesdays sketch night.

I headed first to the fish department and we ended the evening at the Ten Ren's Tea Shop (both above).
Pork Bung Gut $6.50/lb.
After the fish, I went where the Peking Ducks hang and was surprised to see a small pork carcass hanging there too (on the right above). I drew it first, and then found myself in a race with a woman taking down the ducks to clean up for the night. She won the race and I ran out of ducks so I copied the menu instead.

You can read more about the evening on my blog, JanasJournal here with links to previous visits, and be sure to see my friends' great sketches from the evening below and linked here: Susan'sMicaela's, Cathy's, and Ceiny's.

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  1. I like your choice of subject matter. It gives the "flavor" of the visit! Lovely sketches!


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