Saturday, March 9, 2013

Flying Goat Coffee, Healdsburg

One of my favorite places for coffee is the Flying Goat in Healdsburg. They have great, freshly roasted coffee, engaging art on the walls, and an overall nice coffee house feel. I've been coming here for years to sketch out ideas, think, write, and meet up with friends. Surprisingly though, this is the first time I've sketched the place from the inside.


  1. That is a fun place, and also known for their "3rd wave" coffee.

  2. Hummmm, I'm not familiar with their 3rd wave coffee. I'll have to inquire about it.

  3. "3d wave" is just a term that the younger coffee loving generation uses to describe their take on roasting and brewing coffee. They are medium-roast afficionados, and very particular about how it's brewed. I have to agree, I love it too!


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