Sunday, April 21, 2013

Healdsburg on Earth Day

Healdsburg Town Square, Earth Day Fair, ink & watercolor, 9x12"
We joined Healdsburg sketchers for a wonderful sketchcrawl on Saturday. The weather was perfect, in the 70s and 80s, and we had a wonderful time. Mother Earth was represented by a lovely former teacher covered in flowers and dressed in pink and green gauzy fabric (above right). She sang and played her ukulele under the gazebo (above left) in the town square, along with many other performers and speakers.

1987 Former 7th Day Adventist Church Camp (now a house) and where we ate lunch, ink & watercolor, 9x12"
While we were sketching this old house with a wonderful cottage garden in front (above left), the owner came out and told us about the history of the house. It was originally built as a 7th Day Adventist church camp and later was used as a church. On the right above is the Bear Republic Brewing Company where we later ate lunch under those umbrellas.


  1. Jana, it was nice to meet you on Saturday and I love seeing your sketches here!

  2. Great sketches Jana! Thanks for making the trek to Healdsburg.


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