Thursday, September 18, 2014

Runnymede Farm

Terrific opportunity for our group this week, when Cathy arranged a visit to Runnymede Farm in Woodside on the San Francisco Bay Peninsula, where her friend, artist Sam Perry, is a conservator.   The huge property belongs to the heirs of last century's California sugar magnate, Claus Spreckels, and is only open to non-profit and educational groups with a connection to the family.   Two descendents, John and Dodie Rosekrans, have placed more than 150 sculptures on the land along hiking paths, amid the tall grasses, vintage oaks and rolling hills.  An outdoor art extravaganza.  Much gratitude to Cathy and to Sam!

Deer wandering from "Didymous" (1987, welded steel) to "Ibis" (1987, steel and enamel) both by Charles Ginnever

In front of the Caretaker's House, "Symbiosis" by Mark di Suvero, 1989 (steel)

"The Horse" by Hana and Jan Exnar, 1988 (ceramic, metal, glass)

Atop a rise:  "Crucifixion of Allis Chalmers" by Gordon Chandler, 1987 (found metal)

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