Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Home Land Security

The people who brought Ai Weiwei's work to Alcatraz have invited 18 artists from around the world to the Presidio to create site-specific pieces exploring the human cost of security.The installations and the location are both thought provoking.

"Occupying a suite of former military structures in the Presidio overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Home Land Security brings together works by contemporary artists and collectives from around the globe to reflect on the human dimensions and increasing complexity of national security, including the physical and psychological borders we create, protect, and cross in its name."

The exhibit will there until December 18, 2016  
 More about the exhibit here: http://www.for-site.org/project/home-land-security/


  1. Such wonderful greys and loose line work. Love the 'passport' stamp in the third drawing too.:-)

  2. Thanks Vivian. It was a really interesting show. My favorite installation was the piece "drawn" in duct tape by Tirtzah Bassel. Google her.


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