Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pete Scully Exhibit

We took the Capitol Corridor Amtrak train to Davis this week to see Conversations with the City, Urban Sketcher correspondent Pete Scully's exhibit at the U.C. Davis Design Museum in Cruess Hall.  Pete was present--along with a roomful of sixth graders, very enthusiastic young artists, sketchbooks in hand.  Pete gave them encouragement and answered a lot of eager questions.  The beautifully installed show, full of Pete's lively sketches of Davis and his native London, is up until November 13--with a Scully-led sketchcrawl on November 12.

"He draws to have a conversation with his environment"--from the exhibit brochure.

The passenger across from us was concentrating seriously during the whole ride.

View of Sacramento Valley farmland out the train window

Pete speaking to the students in the gallery

Pete autographing

On Third Street in Davis

Had to draw my lunch--Chicken Caesar series #1

Davis station, built in 1914, remodeled in 1986--Colored pencil drawing from a 2004 visit

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