Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Tule Wave

I am mesmerized by the Tule Wave by Reuben Margolin. This 7' x 7' 25' high kinetic sculpture is housed in the David Brower Center located at 2150 Alston Way near the Berkeley BART Station. The sculpture is composed of tule reeds, brass beads, string, and steel with an electric motor that gently creates a murmuration. I had a view from the 1st floor. Our group sketched within the Center, focusing on the Tule Wave and other art in the  Hazel Wolf Gallery which emphasizes environmental and social advocacy art.  (Please see other posts). The Center's name honors David Brower, a Berkeley native who was a leader in both the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters.  


  1. This is lovely! I noticed your drawing group when you came to the building a week or two ago - please come back any time! Would you mind if I shared your image? (with credit, or course) - Dominic (Brower Center staff)


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