Monday, August 14, 2017

RIP Ceiny!

This is a sketch that Ceiny drew last November at the Hands Around the Lake event at Lake Merritt in Oakland.

In a Facebook post Feb. 23, days before the One Week 100 People drawing challenge Ceiny issued a challenge of her own by listing the names of nine artist-friends. She ended her post with these words: "Especially looking forward to yours Carrie Lee McClish!"

"Oh no she didn't!" I said to myself with a smile on my face. But that was Ceiny. That was her way of telling me, "hey, girl you can do this. I know you can!"

And I did it. I spent that week in March drawing 100 people on location, not from photos or a computer screen, but on the plaza near my office, in nearby coffee houses and restaurants, and even at church. And I did it in less than a week. 

Anytime I posted a sketch on Facebook Ceiny gave it a thumbs up or "hearted it." Her sense of wonder and enthusiasm for sketching made the past years five years that I spent sketching with her a joy-filled journey of growth and discovery.

Her spirit will live on in all of us who knew and sketched with her.

Rest In Peace, Ceiny!

Below is an iPad portrait I drew of Ceiny in the days following her death.


  1. I'm so glad you posted your great sketch of Ceiny and shared how she inspired (and creatively challenged) you. The sign on the Lake sketch you posted echoes what I saw in Ceiny: Love + Action, Not Hate.

    1. Thank you Sonia. You are so right about those words on the sign in Ceiny's drawing!

  2. Carrie, your sketch of Ceiny not only captured her likeness and spirit but you even captured a bit of Ceiny's drawing style--I thought at first it was one she had drawn. Beautiful tribute and great sketch!

  3. Thank you Jana! That means a lot coming from you because you are such a creative iPad artist. Thank you also for bringing me into this group because if that hadn't happened I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet Ceiny and you and the other core members. Being part of this group brought much joy into my life!


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