Saturday, October 23, 2010

More from Cancun Restaurant

Cancun Fajitas, ink & watercolor by Jana Bouc
Now that it's dark by the time we meet we're back to scouting out indoor sketch sites. When we met at our original planned site we realized we felt uninspired there, so we headed across the street to the vibrant, warmly lit Cancun restaurant.

Cancun kitchen area, ink & watercolor
 Cancun kitchen area, ink & watercolor
I enjoyed drawing all the odd angles and perspective in the multi-level ceiling and light fixtures. The attractive young woman taking orders asked to see my sketch at the end of the evening. I was embarrassed by how poorly I'd drawn her face (in ink so there was no fixing it) but she smiled and politely said "Nice!"


  1. I feel for you, Jana. I love love and love ink but it is SO-O UNFORGIVING.


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