Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sketchcrawl 30:san francisco

A surprisingly sunny day in San Francisco. We met in the morning at a cafe called Murano in Lower Pacific Heights. Here are some fellow sketchers at the cafe, St. Dominic's Church on Steiner, A view along California St. and a dog that seemed like it was going to lie still at first but then its person came back and distracted it with water and a ball, but which then lost the ball under a car which gave me a minute to draw the dog as the person fished the ball out, two angles on the pagoda at the Peace Plaza in Japan Center, and BART riders from my way home that night.


  1. Hey Gary,
    Great to see you back posting your wonderful sketches again! We're still going out every Tuesday night whenever you're ready to join in again.

  2. Nice! I notice your lines are heavier and looser than your earlier sketches. My favorite is the Peace plaza framed with all the branches.


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