Friday, February 25, 2011

Sketching at Target

Ladies Shoes, Target, Ink & watercolor
Target, Ladies Shoe Department, by Jana Bouc
Our Tuesday night sketch group met at Target to sketch on a rainy night. I had fun sketching the silly high heels and flip-flops on the wall behind them. Nobody seemed to notice or question why I was painting in the shoe department.
Left over Valentine Flowers, ink & watercolor
Leftover Valentines Flowers Half Off
It was the night after Valentine's day and there was the display of sad, wilting Valentines roses, on clearance, half off.

Remote Controlled Baby Swing, ink & watercolor
Remote controlled Baby Swing
Whatever happened to sitting in a rocking chair holding the baby in your arms? This contraption had a touch pad remote control with 6 speeds and more. Someone told me he bought one of these only to discover it came in a million parts that was a nightmare to assemble.

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