Wednesday, June 22, 2011

UC campus - Doe Library, Hearst Mining

I started the sketch of the Doe Library in May of last year, so I just colored it in. The entrance has this wonderful figure above the door, looking like a cross between a Roman warrior and a stylish 1920's-era woman. There is a beautiful, wood-panelled library within the Doe Library which we would love to visit and sketch in, it's just to the right as you enter the front door.

Then we walked up to the Hearst Memorial Mining Building, which is now quite visible since they've removed the obstruction which was directly in front of it.


  1. I love these Micaela! The details on the first two or so charming and you totally captured the feel of the campus on the bottom picture. Wow!

  2. These bring back nice memories of my days on campus!


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