Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cheeseboard and Kitchen on Fire

Tools of the Trade at Kitchen on Fire
 Kitchen on Fire is a cooking school in Berkeley where we ended our Tuesday evening sketchcrawl after it got too dark to sketch on the street.

Guys enjoying pizza outside the Cheeseboard Collective on Shattuck and Vine, Berkeley
 We were sketching by the light of the storefronts and streetlights on a bench outside the Cheeseboard, a wonderful cheese store that also sells their pizza of the day to people who line up for it in the evenings.
Freddy Hughes Band playing inside the Cheeseboard
The Cheeseboard also hosts musicians who entertain the people in line and those eating on benches and cafe tables and the median strip of street. I drew them while standing in the dark outside. You can read and see more on my blog,

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  1. It first glance cheese board looks great, but then you realize that's it's just too cheesy. They should put down their healthy, organic veneer and come out and say that their food is high in saturated fat. They should also use more vegetables.

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