Friday, December 23, 2011

We Share Our Santa Sketches with Santa and Wish you Merry Holidays

S.F. Bay Area Sketchers visit (and sketch) Santa. (L to R: Sonia, Cathy, Santa, Jana and Micaela) 
Santa's elves behind the camera had quite a time trying to get all of us and our sketches of Santa in the photo. I wish more of our group had been able to join us that evening and get in the picture too.

I posted my sketch with a bit of a story about the evening here on We asked him to sign our sketches and he did: "Santa James." He was the sweetest, most patient and jolly gentleman I've ever met.

Happy Holidays from the San Francisco Bay Area Urban Sketchers!


  1. I love this pic of you and sketches with Santa!!
    Missy from Anacortes Sketchers!! (Washington)

  2. Sketching Santa- what a great idea.

    It sounds like Santa James is well qualified for his job.


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