Thursday, March 29, 2012

Food Obsession

I have a food obsession for sure. At almost any given moment you could ask me what I felt like eating right then, and I could think of a LOT of things I would want to eat. Lately I've taken to drawing what I eat too. Here are a few recent food-related sketches.

A pear and almond tart and coffee at Filoli Gardens, Woodside.
Pear and Almond Bar, Filoli Gardens

A Reuben sandwich, Gunthers, San Jose
 Reuben Sandwich,Gunthers, San Jose

And condiments on the table.
Condiments at the table, Gunthers, San Jose

More sketches on my blog or flickr stream.


  1. Suhita I sooo love your work. These are fabulous! The reuben and pickle look great in front of the very interesting and intriguing green and purple dining room. Love the splashes on the ketchup sketch too. Did you outline them?! Fun!!

  2. These make me hungry. I often sketch my food, but these are wonderfully lively, and on the spot. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks Diane and Jana. Jana, I didn't outline the splotches. but they're heavy with color and water and take a while to dry out, so I guess they're getting dark-edged rom drying out with pigment deposited at the outer perimeter? Trouble with the splotches is I need to be able to leave my sketchbook open for a LONG time for them to dry.

  4. Luscious, deliscious washes! Wonderful work!

  5. Great food sketchers - I do like people who sketch what's on their tables at lunch as well as what they can see if they look up!


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