Friday, July 6, 2012

Secret Urban Wave Garden

Watercolor painting of Wave Garden from sketch, 9x12"
One of our members, Susan Ford, is a landscape designer and she discovered this amazing urban garden in Pt. Richmond that overlooks the bay, known as the Wave Garden. I painted the larger watercolor above by working from my on-site sketch (below) as well as from memory and a funky cell phone photo.
Sketch made on site of Wave Garden, 5x8"
The owners of the property, whose home is just above the garden, bought the vacant lot, hired a concrete sculptor to create winding paths, walls and little nooks with seating areas, all with views of the Bay, and hired a landscape designer to fill it with colorful, abundant plants. And then they quietly opened the property to the public! It is a peaceful, quiet, serene retreat just minutes from the freeway.

Please visit my blog, to see more about the Wave Garden, with photos, videos and location.

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