Thursday, August 30, 2012

NYC, Washington DC Aug 14-26

Some sketches from my recent trip.
New York City — Times Square   A summer storm started up and I wasn't able to color it. 
One of the streets at Times Square, from the top of some steps

The Main Library, one of the pair of iconic lions on either side of the steps.
The New York City Public Library, main branch

 Grand Central Station — there was a small group of people promoting peace, prompting the police to stand around making sure the peace didn't escape? ("keepers of the peace"?!)
Grand Central Station, New York City
Tarrytown, NY — I took my daughter out of town on the northern light rail. We visited the historic Rockefeller house, Kuykuit. It sits high on a hill overlooking the Hudson River. It was donated to the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is operated by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Their religion is what initially drove their generosity, and they started many worthwhile projects in many communities worldwide. Kuykit means "hill top", Scottish.
Kuykuit - the relatively humble mansion of four generations
of the Rockefellers, some of whom still live on the property

Philadelphia — I was hoping to see the Barnes Collection, opened earlier this year. Purchase tickets in advance if you want to go, it's been sold out every day! The Rodin Museum, recently renovated, is now open — I spent much of the day there.
One of the works at the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia

The Three Shades by Rodin

Washington, DC — The National Postal Museum
An early mail plane. There was a mail train, and the mail sorters had a mascot, Owney, who accompanied them all over the U.S. along the various mail routes. The National Postal Museum

The National Natural History Museum – this bird is now extinct
This poor bird, of course they killed the last one. Related to the Mud Hen.
The National Natural History Museum relegates it to a poorly-lit downstairs hallway.


  1. Fabulous! I'm so jealous of your trip. What a strange bird that Heath Hen is, with wings on it's neck that couldn't possibly help it to fly.

  2. Be jealous if you like! it's a mixed thing for me, as I have to leave my daughters behind when I return. This was mostly a pretty "homey" trip, we just stuck around most of the time, only got out on a couple of trips.


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