Thursday, September 6, 2012

Berkeley Ace Hardware

Berkeley Ace Hardware, owned by Bill and Virginia Carpenter, may soon be moving about 1/2 mile down University Ave to the old Andronico's. It is the oldest business in Berkeley, except for the University, and has been in it's current location at the top of University Avenue for 50 years. We wanted to draw it before it moved. It has a cool, old-school interior too, it's a warren of aisles and off-axis shelving sections, and has a steep stairway to a lower level where they keep model making stuff. One of the features that parents & kids have enjoyed for many years is the model train they keep in the window, which is definitely on schedule right around Christmas time each year!
Berkeley Ace Hardware at 2145 University Avenue in Berkeley, of course!

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  1. This was a great perspective, even better than the median :)


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