Monday, October 29, 2012

Low Rider Car Show at Dia de los Muertos

1948 Chevy Fleetline, drawn in ink on site, painted at home (5×8″)
At the Dia de Los Muertos celebration in East Oakland families came to celebrate and honor their loved ones who had passed. They displayed elaborate, beautiful altars filled with marigolds, fruit, religious imagery and mementos of loved ones.

I was thrilled to find a low rider car show away from the loud music and crowds where I could set up my stool and sketch.
He said he likes to draw cartoons; I  tried to get him to draw the car with me but he declined
There were the booths filled with flowers and decorated sugar skulls and skeleton-themed art of all kinds. here was music, Aztec dancing, drumming and more.
Sugar skulls, skeleton dolls and a view from above

Trying to sketch the Aztec dancers

Lots more sketches and photos from the day on my blog, JanasJournal


  1. Great sketch! Hayward is doing some Dia de los Mertos too, Sun Gallery has a whole show dedicated to it.

  2. The car sketch is fantastic. You gave it personality, it's alive.


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