Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sketchcrawl in Albany

Yesterday, the Bay Area Urban Sketchers group met in Albany for Sketchcrawl. The weather was sunny and warm for the month of January, perfect for drawing. I had never visited Albany nor had I ever meet my fellow sketchers from across the bay.
About twenty of us met up at the corner of Masonic and Solano and after some quick introductions, dispersed for drawing. A couple of blocks away, I found a coffee shop fabricated out of an old Streamline RV called Local 1 2 3. It was nestled in a garden store appropriately called Flowerland. A few other sketchers chose the same subject and we sat at bistro tables drinking coffee while immortalizing the unique shop in our books.
Later in the day, when a cold wind picked up, we moved indoors for a sketchbook sharing at the local library. We gathered around our open books, discovered new talents, techniques, and friends. Conversations over cookies and sparkling beverages lasted for over an hour. It was great to get to know other sketch artists in the Bay Area.


  1. This came out great!! You picked a perfect spot to capture the whole crazy combination of trailer, customers and plants and your colors are wonderful as always. FYI, the place is called Flowerland. I was calling it Nurseryland for a while myself. It was wonderful to meet you and Phil finally and it was such fun seeing all the sketches of the day.

  2. Thanks Jana! It was a real pleasure meeting you and the rest of the group. And yes, all the strings of lights, poles, and plants surrounding this coffee shop make this spot a bit chaotic, but fun to draw.

    Oh, ok, Flowerland it is then! I just guessed that big sign up above was the name of the shop. Nurseryland is a good name too.

    Again, it was great meeting you and the rest of the group and I'm hoping all the Bay Area Urban Sketchers will come up to Healdsburg some time soon.

  3. sounds like a perfect day!! lovely page!!

  4. fun to meet you,richard, and i hope we can plan an outing to healdsburg soon.

  5. Thanks Jane and Ceinwen! Yes, it was a great day, so glad I came to visit. I'll make the Healdsburg trip happen!

  6. Nice! I am sorry to have missed the chance to finally meet you and the other Bay area sketchers. Hopefully next time...

  7. Yes, Visual Flaneur, it would have been nice to meet you and the other missing members. I'll be setting up an Urban Sketchers Sketchcrawl in Healdsburg sometime soon.


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