Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Delta, Buenos Aires

Barco Viejo, dip pen, colored inks and watercolor pencils, 9x12in
 Just North of Buenos Aires, the Paraná River forms a delta. There are lots of abandoned old ships, half sunk, that I find beautiful. If someday they are removed part of the character of the place will disappear. The small boats that transport wood, groceries, the boat ambulances, the garbage collection boats, all make it a very special place. The houses are built on stilts and have very interesting architecutural styles.
Grua del puerto, dip pen, colored inks and watercolor pencils, 9x12in


  1. I've heard about the river-transport-based communities, but never directly. It's fascinating to see a little of this world, so different from our own, here in the States. Of course, it brings to mind the Herzog movie, and River Queen, though I don't think they were that close by (?).
    Thank you for posting, please keep it up!

  2. Fascinating urban/natural interface and beautifully rendered. Thanks for the view of your travels.



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