Sunday, April 21, 2013

Healdsburg's Clock Tower

About a dozen of us Urban Sketchers gathered in Healdsburg’s square yesterday to sketch the beautiful plaza. The weather was a perfect 80° with only a slight breeze. An Earth Day celebration filled the grassy area, providing music, atmosphere, and additional drawing opportunities. I chose to sketch the plaza’s iconic clock tower on the northwest corner of the plaza. Later in the afternoon, we rejoined at Healdsburg’s Center for the Arts to share our sketches, techniques, and the day's experiences. Thanks to all who attended!


  1. Your sketch is so beautiful. Thank you for inviting us East Bay folks up to join you. We had so much fun, and stayed until nearly 4:00. The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed meeting the other Healdsburg sketchers too.

  2. Thanks Jana, so glad you had a good time. I really enjoyed setting the meeting up and I hope to do it again sometime. There's lots to draw in Healdsburg, in town and outside of town with all the wineries, windy roads, and old barns.


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