Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sketching Vilnius, Lithuania

Street Scene, Vilnius
I had an opportunity to go to Vilnius, Lithuania this summer. Vilnius has so much green space – I heard about 70% of the city. The river Neris runs through the middle of Vilnius and a smaller river, Vilnia, lies to the east of the old town. Vilnius’ old town centre is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list because of its architectural heritage. Historically, Vilnius has experienced numerous attacks and invasions and is still marked by the effects of the Nazi and Soviet occupations.

Here are my sketches depicting street scenes, cafes, churches, and displays in the Museum of Genocide Victims and the Amber Museum. I also ventured out and sketched Europas Parkas (swathed against mosquitos).
Flower Seller, Vilnius
Flower Seller

Street Scene
Church of the Holy Trinity

Gas Masks and a cross from a grave.
A tank
Down the steps to the KGB Cells
Lizard embedded in Amber, Amber "fruit" on trees and Amber floats

Sonia sketching

Yarn "bombed" trees

The Neris River
View from Skybar

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