Sunday, August 4, 2013

Henry Haus, Blacksmith and Wagonmaker, Pope Valley, California

Dip pen and ink, 9x12in
The Henry Haus blacksmith and wagonmaker shop in Pope Valley is a fascinating old building. It opens once a year for visitors to take a peek at a long gone tradition. A plaque in the front reads:

 "Henry Haus, a native of Switzerland came to Pope Valley in 1889. At the age of 16, he opened his blacksmith shop in the adjacent wooden structure in 1897 caring for the needs of the valley until 1950.

In 1899 he married Regula Anne and they raised 4 sons: Henry Jr, Herman H, Ernest U, and George H. He helped to organize the Pope Valley Farm center, and as with his smithing, gave it his continuous attention during his lifetime. He died December 8, 1955."

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