Thursday, January 16, 2014

Magnolia Studies

I spent some days studying magnolia flowers from the tree in the back of the house. I started when the flowers were in the tree. It started raining and I brought one to the house. It stayed white for just some minutes before it started to turn brown. Here are some of the sketches. I used them to do some watercolors and little oil paintings.
Magnolias, Tombow marker and watercolor, 16x5in.
Magnolias, water soluble
Parker ink, 7x5in.

Magnolias, water soluble Parker ink and watercolor, 9x12in.

Magnolias, india ink and watercolor, 9x12in.

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  1. A good study subject. They have a flavor of old-world style. Does the water-soluble ink remain soluble after it dries? Very nice!


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