Saturday, May 10, 2014

Did Oakland inspire Star wars?

"That's a myth," Lucas said, politely but firmly."That's definitely a myth."

~Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle


Legend holds that the cranes of the Port of Oakland were the inspiration for the AT-AT walkers in Star wars. These structures have since turned into a symbol for Oakland and are frequently sported on t-shirts. I went there to have a look myself, made some drawings, listened to people and spice it all up with what George Lucas had to say on the matter (not to me, though).

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  1. Love your technique and use of color!

  2. I love the way you showed the working life of the port, not just a pretty sketch, and I want to go there too. Where did you do your sketching? Is there public transit access or easy parking? I'd like to do an SF Sketchers meetup there, but mostly I can't get people over to the east bay unless public transport is easy.


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