Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We rode our bicycles out to the end of the bike path along the new eastern span of the bay bridge so we could sketch the demolition of the old bridge. They have removed a middle section, and the ends of the bridge are hanging out in mid air as they take it apart. It thought at first they hadn't done much, and then I realized the whole upper deck of the bridge is gone.
In wish I'd put a bigger gap between the bridge and the horizon, to give more of the feeling of how surreal it all seemed, hanging out there in the void.

It's a little hard to tell from the sketch that this is the gap in the old bridge, until you look at the shadow. The new bridge curves around on the left.

Here's the gleaming white tower on the new bridge, with the bike path running alongside it. It was nicely designed with a separate pedestrian lane, but everyone ignored this, with pedestrians walking 8 abreast across the whole path and cyclists scooting into the walking lane to get around the pedestrians.


  1. you caught so beautifully the **gleaming** quality of the new bridge.

  2. Interesting, white on brown. Very effective. Is it gouache? Or sigma Uniball or what?


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