Sunday, September 14, 2014

Preservation Park, Oakland

Preservation Park is a Victorian neighborhood encompassing a two block area of  downtown Oakland.  Of the sixteen historic homes in Preservation Park, the five on the north side of 13th Street are on their original sites, part of a ring of Victorian residential neighborhood fragments at the fringe of Downtown, while eleven were moved onto the sites in order to spare them from demolition.  The area is now used as an event space. 

Thanks to Sonia Tamez for arranging our visit, complete with lemonade, cookies and a Q&A with a board member.
Italianate Row House, former home of William Bartling, a bookbinder.
The Latham-Ducel Fountain (or "the Diana Fountain"), made in Paris in the  1870s.

Former theater venue for wealthy East Bay gentlemen in the early 20th century.
Can now be rented for events.
We ended the day at the Pardee Museum, former home of George Pardee, mayor of Oakland, governor of California and founder of East Bay Municipal Utility District.

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