Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scenes from the Past Saved for Future Generations: Preservation Park and the Pardee Home

The Latham-Ducel Fountain
The Pardee Home Carriage House

Thanks to everyone who were instrumental to the success of the sketch crawl last Sunday: Preservation Park staff, the Pardee Home Board and Staff, Historian Annalee Allen, and everyone who came out to sketch on September 14th. Please see some of their sketches in this blog.

I also want to express my appreciation for who fought to protect these historic places for future generations. Preservation Park and the Pardee Home represent the successful efforts to protect portions of Oakland's historic heritage. Preservation Park is a recreated Victorian neighborhood with in situ  and relocated buildings. They all now function as offices and facilities of nonprofit organizations and other enterprises, and serve as the setting for special events.  The Pardee Home complex, associated with the former California Governor, was threatened by construction of Interstate 980, but was ultimately saved by the historic preservation movement in Oakland. More information can be found at oaklandwiki.org/Preservation Park, www.pardeehome.org. The Oakland Tours Program offers guided tours of the Preservation Park District; please see www.oaklandnet.com/walkingtours.

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