Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The McElroy Fountain, Lakeside Park at Lake Merritt, Oakland

I frequently pass by the lovingly restored McElroy Fountain on Perkins and Grand on my way to walk around Lake Merritt, vowing to return to paint it. It took a visit by an artist friend up from LA to get me out to do a little sketching last Saturday and get back to the fountain. We timed ourselves: 1 1/2 hour painting.  

The elegant fountain, built in 1911, was dedicated to John E. McElroy, a four time city attorney after his death. In preparation for its 100 years anniversary, a group of volunteers cleaned and repaired the fountain. Volunteer efforts, partnering with the City's, continue to maintain this landmark.

Please see http://oaklandwiki.org/McElroy_Fountain for more information.

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