Sunday, August 9, 2015

Parker, Colorado's dwindling open space

Parker, Colorado's human population is replacing this wilderness with homes. Every time I visit, there's less and less wilderness. Before me and slated for development is the remaining open space. Behind me lies the ever expanding suburban enclave. Pretty ironic that we humans are drawn to a beautiful environment and then systematically destroy what we love.

Local animal inhabitants -- pronghorn sheep, foxes, deer, coyotes -- are being evicted as open range diminishes. Prolific rabbits and ground squirrels are threats to manicured gardens and are poisoned, which also kills the foxes, coyotes and birds of prey who eat the dying rodents. On this morning I was the only person walking here, and a chorus of ground squirrels popped out of holes and admonished me to go away.

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  1. You called it.
    "People are no damn good"!
    I used to hear this frequently - and unfortunately I agree more and more as time goes on. There is also the other side of the coin of course!


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