Saturday, February 6, 2016

Alviso and Alviso Slough

I made my yearly trek to Alviso two weeks ago fro some plein air/urban sketching. This small community in San Jose   reflects the passage of time with its historic cannery industry established in 1906 and the slough itself which was part of the shipping activities from the 1800's. The cannery has the remains of painted images of the people who lived and worked in the area, including Ohlone Coastanoan Indians (signed by Hollis Krob), and those who appear to be of Asian and European descent. Sketches from my previous trip can be found in my May 2014 post. 
There are small contemporary portals on many of the hiking trails. I'll be returning to sketch again. I'm also looking into the increasing high tech related development in Alviso and the implications for the protection of the architectural and natural resources and the well-being of Alviso's community. 

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