Monday, November 14, 2016

Hands and Hearts at Lake Merritt

What a gorgeous day for a gathering of thousands around Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland, standing in solidarity against possible consequences of a Trump presidency.  I came down on a crowded BART car in a group with longtime Berkeley pals, book group members, neighbors and fellow urban sketchers then walked in the sunshine to the lake shore where we ran into other friends from all over the Bay Area.  Lots of families with signs like "Stronger Together" and "Love + Action--Not Hate" and one young woman holding high a banner saying "I Am Your Muslim Sister."  So renewing and heartwarming to see my community step up.

I sketched on an 8x39" accordian watercolor sheet, given to me by my Paris Sketcher friend, Helene Lemeunier.  It was difficult to scan as one piece, so here are the separate folds from left to right.


  1. I love the linked sketches, just like the linked hands!

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  3. Thanks, sonia. We english majors love metaphor! Xxoo


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