Monday, November 14, 2016

Hands Around Lake Merritt

Nearly 10,000 people interlocked hands around the entire perimeter of Lake Merritt yesterday to protest Trump and hate crimes. The path around the lake in downtown Oakland is almost 4 miles long and in many places people were standing two or three deep. It was a very peaceful and hopeful afternoon event. Of the many signs I saw,  two of my favorites: MAKE AMERICA THINK AGAIN and SERIOUSLY AMERICA? SERIOUSLY? – Cathy McAuliffe


  1. Wonderful sketches. I really enjoyed participating in this with you.

  2. These are incredible--some of the best reportage sketches I've ever seen. The red white and blue is a nice touch. The way you captured the essential identifying signifiers of place, context, etc.--just incredible. I hope you share on main Usk site or Drawing Attention too--maybe with Vivians from the organizers site.

  3. Wonderful drawings, Cathy! This indeed is the essence of reportage. Drawings like these express emotions that can not be captured on camera. (Jana, I work on getting my drawing uploaded to those places you mentioned...and here too.)


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