Sunday, November 6, 2016

Opposites Attract

A warm November evening at Oakland Whole Foods Market. First a sketch of the Oakland skyline and another great sunset as seem from the top level of the parking lot. It was nice enough to sit outside and look into the checkout area of the store. Vivian and I sketched from there. We got to talking about choosing a subject to sketch and how some things were just too boring. I then turned around and saw a pretty boring 7-ll store directly across the street! And it struck me as such an odd combination of Whole Foods on one side and a 7-ll store (home of the 64 oz Slurpie) on the other. Scroll down to see sketches by Vivian and Susan. – Cathy McAuliffe

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  1. Can't wait to load up a mini-cart with my sketch stuff and give it a try. Thanks for the tips and great sketches.


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