Monday, January 23, 2017

3 Bay Area Women's Marches

What a thrill to be part of this glorious day!  No violence, no arrests--all joyful and energetic. 

First in ALBANY, a small town just north of Berkeley (pop. c. 19,500)--On the various lists in the news that are using photos, subway totals, crowd-counting algorithms to calculate march size, Albany doesn't show up.  That tells me there are probably many such towns all across the world that are not in the day's totals.

Family marching down Solano Avenue

A group at the beginning of the march

Feline-hatted men (tiger and lion) supporting their pussy-hatted sisters.

Next, OAKLAND, where numbers were so great that we were re-directed several times to an alternate route through town because the streets were already so full.

Long wait before the enormous crowd could even move.

And, finally, San Francisco, where throngs were gathering in U.N. Plaza for speakers before a candlelight march down Market Street.

Smudges are from rain shower just starting.

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