Tuesday, February 14, 2017

a really good right turn

Making a quick jaunt to Sebastopol on the way home from Mount Hood park near Santa Rosa, we made an unplanned right turn onto a local street to get off the busy thoroughfare. In two or three quiet blocks of modest, well-cared-for homes, a throng of sculptures peopled (or dogged, or birded) almost every yard, and the home of the sculptors had a multitude! While my husband went on down to the end to see every one, I stopped to sketch one of my favorites, a car salesman with toy cars for teeth, an odometer for one eye, and many chrome name details. I had to add a piece of paper at the bottom to include his "soapbox".


  1. Sebastopol is my home Micaela! Nice sketch! and yeah, what a fun street. Patrick Amiot sculptures are all over town. I think he lives on Florence St.

    1. Thank you! I believe we were on Florence Street — this one was in his yard. He has a little fire-alarm box just up his front steps, with brochures in it, which tells about how he and his wife/gf/significant other work on them together. He welds/sculpts, she paints. A lovely match! I think I spotted several in Occidental as well. So whimsical.


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