Monday, February 6, 2017

No Ban/No Wall

This past Saturday was a rally to protest the immigration ban and the plan to build a wall on the border. The event took place in San Francisco in front of City Hall. Also on the plaza were giant lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year. The title of the lantern project is Peace All Year Round.

Melaine Reim has been sketching the events of the past weeks in New York had this to say: "The raw emotion of the reaction to this historical time is magnified when you take the time to draw it. I felt connected."

—Cathy McAuliffe


  1. Ive come to look forward to your protest sketches. They definitely make ME feel more connected too. Thank you for showing up in this artful, soulful way.

  2. You tell the stories so well in your sketches Cathy.


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