Monday, June 19, 2017

Goat Rock Beach

Headed out to Goat Rock Beach to avoid the Sonoma County heat wave. Yesterday it was 112° in Cloverdale and more heat is on the way. The beach was cool and very windy. A nice change. But I had to seek shelter behind some rocks to avoid the gusts from blowing my sketching supplies all over the beach.


  1. Beautiful work. Makes me feel blissful.

  2. Thank you Vivian! I always find the beach calming. A great place to think and sketch!

  3. Cool, cool, cool! all those blues and purples and those wonderful watery wave blooms. But really, 112 degrees, how miserable.

    1. Thanks Susan! Yeah, I wish I could hang out at the beach all this week. It's a great place to sketch for one and for the other, It's HOT!!!

  4. Beautiful colors, and I love the softness!


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