Thursday, March 29, 2018

An opportunity for Showing Your Work: Los Altos

Los Altos History Museum will be hosting a "Paint the Town - Echoes of our Past" exhibit this summer. Artists interested in participating are encouraged to visit:
and submit applications (I visited the museum today and they are still accepting applications).

Museum organized a list of buildings they want to see painted in the following groups:
  • Pre World War I sites (1890-1910) 
  • World War I era buildings/sites (1910-1930) 
  • World War II era (1930-1950) 
  • Population boom years (1950 – 1970) 
  •  Silicon Valley (1970 – 1990)

and they are accepting all sorts of sketches, paintings etc.
Here is a link to the map they created to see all locations:

(I am going to take a leaf form their book and make a map for my "100 Views of Silicon Valley" series - which I started a few weeks ago - without knowledge about this opportunity :) I am at about 40 mini gouache paintings at the moment - and below you can see the Google "quartet".

100 Views of Silicon Valley: Mountain View - Google

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