Monday, May 7, 2018

Alice in BlakeGardensLand

Last week I met up with a few of my urban sketch buddies for a day at Blake Gardens in Kensington. The property is owned by the University of California and the garden managed by the school of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. To say it's a spectacular setting is an understatement. Indeed I felt like Alice in Wonderland walking through the gardens, and then there was the panoramic view of the S.F. Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. Sigh. Choosing one place to start sketching was a challenge.
I anchored myself with the "scarecrow" figure, a girl I think?

 I think I was overawed by these violet beauties towering over. Some of the other sketchers managed to capture their essence better than I could. (Check out Cathy's!)

I expected a Lepracaun or other enchanted character to jump out at any moment!

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