Monday, September 24, 2018

Transbay Transit Center Rooftop Park

The three-block-long Transbay Transit Center is envisioned as the Grand Central Station of the West, with buses and high-speed rail pumping 100,000 visitors in and out of the city.

With no high-speed rail connection as yet, what we have is a glorious LEED-certified bus station serving 14,000 daily AC Transit commuters -- and no one's sure who to bill for the $20M in yearly maintenance costs.

Details, details. For now, let's go up on the roof. There are fantastic vistas and sketching opportunities everywhere you turn. Everyone enjoys getting out of the office, catching some sun, a walk and maybe some lunch on the grass.  There are exercise classes, live music, games and art supplies.

I always enjoy snippets of overheard conversation. A young woman in a Salesforce vest asked her friend, "Oh, you must mean the guy that just started Monday? There's like, some new person every day!" One of my favorites was from a young guy recounting what he'd accomplished (at work?) that day: "Oh yeah. Dude. I love it. I watched Netflix all morning." Awesome.

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