Sunday, September 19, 2010

I know it's not summer anymore...

... When I start sketching indoors more and more- it's always a challenge, finding new places I can sketch at while staying out of the cold. The "Hungry Hound" is a little joint in Los Gatos. I liked how the ketchup and red baskets created little points of color across an otherwise non-descript scene.

... When school begins and the soccer leagues are back at the neighborhood park. I love the long shadows and warm glow of the evening, but I need to remember NOT to be positioned so that the setting sun is right in my eyes...

... When the halloween stuff comes out... Isn't it a little early, though? I'm a graphic designer, and funky fonts like halloween fonts really bother me: The only time they're fun is when I'm sketching them.


  1. Great sketches , Suhita! I was just in Affordable Treasures Yesterday buy some 7 X 10 Sketch books!! I love the happy hound!

  2. I especially love the middle sketch of the soccer field with the wonderful light and shadow and color. What is in your sketch kit? It looks like you work with markers of some sort. Do you use them for color too? Wonderful!

  3. @ john, I didn't know they had sketchbooks at AT... I only end up going in for kiddie stuff.

    @ jana, my sketch kit varies from month to month: right now it's a windsor and newton travel set of watercolors, a couple of shades of grey in the faber castell PITT series of pens- the fat brush nibs- and pastels that belong to my 5 year old, who sometimes sketches with me.- and I used them all on the soccer field sketch. I draw in a black or brown pen, really quick, then I block in my shadows- what happens with the color really depends on how much time I have.. the soccer sketch is about a half hour or 40 minutes of pretty frenzied work :)


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