Friday, September 17, 2010

Der Wienerschnitzel, El Cerrito

Wienerschnitzel El Cerrito by Jana Bouc
Last Tuesday night we sketched Der Wienerschnitzel fast food drive-thru at sunset on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito. Jana was interested in the triangular shape of the building and the glow of golden light on the roof.

Wienerschnitzel by Cathy McAullife
Cathy's view captured the strange drive-through feature that goes right through the middle of the building. I wonder what the half of the building is used for?

Micaela's sketch coming soon.


  1. This is so colorful!!! I love drawing Wienerschnitzel buildings1

  2. Love the golden color- I'm going to have to give this subject a shot, it;s a strangely proportioned building but it does have personality...waiting for your sketch, Michaela!


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