Friday, May 4, 2012

Occupy the Farm

I wrote a long post a few days ago, but somehow it got lost it before I got it published. Here's the short version. Tuesday May 1, we visited Occupy the Farm, which is in Albany, CA on land owned by the University of California. This area is sometimes used for bio-testing of crops, and other times seems to lie fallow. It's currently being gardened by some people interested in the Occupy concept. A university spokeswoman arrived and warned us of arrest, but the police assured us we would not be arrested that day. We continued sketching as the sun was slowly falling behind the horizon. 


  1. These are great. I'm so happy to see the scene since I missed getting there myself. Is that a scarecrow in the last picture? The first one is wonderful reportage sketching--you really captured the feel and the message.

  2. Thanks. I just wish I could have captured more people! I liked this site a lot, because it had a peaceful, pastoral feel to it while we were there.
    That is a scarecrow, and one of our sketchers in the middle of her drawing process! (or is that a scare-big-buck-banks-sacred-cow-crow?)


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