Saturday, March 2, 2013

Electric Owls and Inflated Rats: Pastime Hardware

Pastime Hardware Pest Control Aisle, ink & watercolor, 5x8"
When we sketched at Pastime Hardware on a cold winter evening I picked the Pest Control department. I was attracted by the big, ugly, inflated hanging rat and the artificial owls who seemed to be discussing who was going to nab the rat.

The names of the products seemed inflated too: Pest Chaser Pro and Sonic Pest Chaser (both made me imagine cartoon critters that jump out of the box and chase critters away). And then there's the Tom Cat Mole Trap (contains cat? that chases moles?) and Cat Stop (do you need Cat Stop after you've released the Tom Cat Mole Trap?)

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  1. These are great sketches. The owls are so funny, they made me laugh. I am old fashioned and I "hired" two real cats.


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